The time has come and after many hours of hard work, the MATR website has been officially launched! This is a short and sweet post.

MATR started as a small university project which was developed in order to help with a personal intolerance to mold spores. Like me, there are many people around the world that suffer from mold spores and the effects of poor air quality especially those living with lung related conditions such as asthma.

The MATR project acts as an aid to help those living with lung related issues as well as those that want to live a healthier life style, by monitoring issues in air quality helps people to make informed decisions that will ultimately improve health. You wouldn’t drink dirty water, why breathe dirty air? Just because it’s invisible shouldn’t mean it’s ignored.

Tamara at the British Lung Foundation carried out some interesting research to find out how air pollution affects the lungs. Tamara asked people living with lung conditions how poor air quality affected them whilst pollution levels were high, the results were shocking:

  • Around 9 out of every 10 of you said your health was negatively affected
  • 4 in 5 said it made you more breathless
  • 70 per cent told us your chest felt tighter
  • Half said you coughed and wheezed more

Link to source

This post has gone off on a tangent however the main points we’re trying to get at here is this:

  • MATR has sprouted, we’ve got a way to go however when we get to the finishing line we’re here to help. Our new website is here to provide updates on the product – so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Air quality is important, it’s your health at stake. Enough said.

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